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Municipal Valuation

If you have received a request to complete a rental questionnaire for a single-occupancy property please complete the form below.
Required Field *

1. Property Location
* Municipality:
* Property Identification No. (PID)
* Property Address:

2. Property Data
The collection of property data as well as verifying existing data is required by Contractors to ensure a more accurate and consistent valuation. Your assistance to achieve this objective is appreciated.

Type of Premises: Shop Shop and Dwelling Office
Factory     Showroom Warehouse
Construction Material:     Brick Concrete Steel
Year Built:
Year(s) Extended:
Area Occupied: Description Square Metres Net Lettable Area
Or Gross Lettable
Eg. Warehouse Eg. 500 Area (if known)
(*NLA refers to the area of a premises that a tenant could be charged for occupancy under a lease. It excludes area devoted to stairways, public spaces, common building areas etc.) Expanded definitions are available on our website or by contacting our office.

General Comments: Any other additional information that you believe may affect the value of the property.

3. Occupancy Details
Is the property currently: Leased If YES, please complete Sections 4,5 and 6
Vacant If Vacant, date vacated  
Owner Occupied   If Yes, type of Business 
If Vacant or Owner Occupied go to Section 6.

4. Lease Details
Name of Tenant:
(Company or trading name. Trading Name preferred)
Business Type:

Lease Commencement Date:
Initial Term:   Lease Options:
Current Rental: $:   Per Week   Inclusive GST  
Per Month   Exclusive GST  
Date Last Reviewed:   
Frequency of Rent Review:    (e.g. Annual, 2 Yearly)
Method of Rent Review: CPI To Market
Fixed % Predetermined $
Is Car Parking Provided on Site? Yes No. of spaces No
Is part of premises separately tenanted? Yes No
If Yes, current rental $ per Last reviewed
Description of separate tenancy Area
If seperate tenancy is a FLAT, number of bedrooms

Any Incentives/special lease conditions (eg. Rent Free period, free fit out etc)

5. Outgoings
Is the current rental a net rent (Council rates and land tax are paid by the tenant in addition to the rental amount)
If you answered yes to the above question please go to section 6.
If the current rent a gross rental amount (Council rates and land tax included in the rental payment) or if there is another arrangement for the payment of outgoings please specify responsible party and amount
Party Responsible      Amount
Council Rates $
Water and Sewerage $
Water usage charges $
Land Tax $
Building Insurance $
Repairs and Maintenance $
Other $
Specify Other

6. Declaration

Declaration made by:   

Date:    Contact Phone No: Email:

I hereby declare that the above statements and figures are true and correct.


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